Learning, which originates in a desire for knowledge, has always been fundamental in the shaping of social life. It has lost nothing of its importance with developments in technology. Under the influence of Information Technology (IT), learning has acquired new dimensions, discussed quite regularly on many levels.

The aim of this conference is to discuss future innovations in the field of learning. The conference will encourage a debate on strategies for the development of the most effective methods, techniques, and technologies that will serve humankind in the lifelong learning process. Human beings are, after all, centrally involved in learning, and its fundamental “raison d’être”. This year, to be different from other years, the special theme of the conference "Distance Education and Practices in Health Sector" has been selected.

"E-learning", which in itself is an innovation, promises to acquire even greater importance in the future. We are therefore calling for contributions (research papers* and posters) focusing on "e-learning", and examining the following issues through original research and exploration.

İstanbul University

Istanbul University is one of the oldest educational institutions in the world. There have been many changes in its face and constitution from 1453 to the present. It was founded firstly as a Madrasah. After a while, it was turned to a Darülfunun, House of Science, which was a basic version of a university. In the 10th year of the Republic, Ataturk made a university reform and then Istanbul University was officially established in August 1st, 1933 by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM). Thus Istanbul University began to give education as "the first and only university" of Turkey.

Turkish Informatics Foundation

Informatics Association of Turkey



5th Future Learning Conference 2014 is supported by "TUBITAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey) 2223- B Support Program for Scientific Activities with applied number of 1929B02130"(http://www.tubitak.gov.tr/sites/default/files/2223b_2103-6_web.pdf), and " Istanbul University Open and Distance Education Faculty (AUZEF)". 

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Honourary Board
Prof. Yunus Söylet (Rector, İstanbul University)- Honorary Chair of Future Learning
Faruk Eczacıbaşı (Chairman, Turkish Informatics Foundation)
Assoc. Prof. Turhan Menteş (Chairman, Informatics Association of Turkey)

Advisory Board
Prof. Alper Cihan (İstanbul University)
Prof. H. Rıza Güven (İstanbul University)
Prof. Erdal Balaban (İstanbul University)
Prof. Ali Ekrem Özkul (Anadolu University)
Prof. Sıddık Yarman (İstanbul University)
Assoc. Prof. Ergün Yolcu (İstanbul University)

Organizing Committee
Sevinç Gülseçen – Conference Co-Chair (İstanbul University)
Aydın Kolat – Conference Co-Chair (Turkish Informatics Foundation)
Taner Arsan (Informatics Association of Turkey)
Zerrin Ayvaz Reis (İstanbul University)
Fatih Gürsul (İstanbul University)
Çiğdem Selçukcan Erol (İstanbul University)
Tarkan Gürbüz (Middle East Technical University)
Murat Gezer (İstanbul University)

Art Consultant
F. Deniz Özden (İstanbul University)

Elif Kartal (İstanbul University)
Zeki Özen (İstanbul University)
Fatma Önay Koçoğlu (İstanbul University)
Şebnem Özdemir (İstanbul University)
Mehmet Selim Derindere (İstanbul University)
Emre Akadal (İstanbul University)
Serra Çelik (Istanbul University)

Scientific Commitee
Abdullah Bal (Yıldız Technical University)
Abdullah Kuzu (Anadolu University)
Adem Karahoca(Bahcesehir University)
Ahmet Bayraktar (Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University)
Ahmet Mahiroğlu (Gazi University)
Ali Aydın (İstanbul University)
Ali Yazıcı (Atılım University)
Alper Cihan (İstanbul University)
Anca-Olga Andronic (Spiru Haret University)
Aydın Akan (İstanbul University)
Aytekin İşman (Sakarya University)
Burçin Işık (Zirve University)
Cihad Demirli (İstanbul Ticaret University)
Çiğdem Erol (İstanbul University)
Danguole Rutkauskiene (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)
Dilek Karahoca(Bahcesehir University)
Emilia Janigova (Catholic University, Slovakia)
Emine Şenyuva (İstanbul University)
Eralp Altun (Ege University)
Erkan Yılmaz (İstanbul University)
F. Feyza Darendeliler (İstanbul University)
Fahrettin Arslan (İstanbul University)
Fahriye Altınay (Near East University)
Fatih Gürsul (İstanbul University)
Feza Orhan (Yıldız Technical University)
Geoffrey Roulet (Queen’s University, Canada)
Gonca Telli Yamamoto (Okan University)
Gökhan Ersoy (İstanbul University)
Gülbahar Keskin (İstanbul University)
Gülser Acar Dondurmacı (Zirve University)
Güray Yılmaz (Air Force Academy)
Gürhan Çiftçioğlu (İstanbul University)
Hafize Keser (Ankara University)
Hakan Tüzün (Hacettepe University)
Haydar Sur (İstanbul University)
Hulusi Gülseçen (Istanbul University)
Hülya Kaya (İstanbul University)
Hünkar Korkmaz (Akdeniz University)
Hüseyin Oflaz (İstanbul University)
İnci Zaim Gökbay (Bahçeşehir University)
İsmail Özmen (İstanbul University)
Jan Guncaga (Catholic University, Slovakia)
Janka Majherova (Catholic University, Slovakia)
Kürşat Çağıltay (Middle East Technical University)
Malgorzata Pakowska (Katowice University of Economics)
M. Emin Mutlu (Anadolu University)
Mehmet Albayrak (Süleyman Demirel University)
Murat Gezer (İstanbul University)
Mustafa Murat İnceoğlu (Ege University)
Müge Adnan (Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University)
Nadire Çavuş (Near East University)
Natalija Lepkova (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania)
Nazlı Arda (İstanbul University)
Nergiz Çağıltay (Atılım University)
Nezihe Beji Kızılkaya (İstanbul University)
Nurettin Şimşek (Ankara University)
Oğuz Öztürk (İstanbul University)
Orhan Torkul (Sakarya University)
Ömer Kadir Morgül (Sakarya University)
Petek Aşkar (TED University)
Piet Kommers (University of Twente, Nederlands)
Rafiq Islam (Dalhousie University, Canada)
Razvan-Lucian Andronic (Spiru Haret University)
Rushan Ziatdinov (Fatih University)
Selim Yazıcı (İstanbul University)
Selma Karabey (İstanbul University)
Selma Söyük (İstanbul University)
Serap Kurbanoğlu (Hacettepe University)
Serhat Pabuççuoğlu (İstanbul University)
Sevinç Gülseçen (İstanbul University)
Sibel Aylin Uğur İşeri (İstanbul University)
Sushil K. Sharma (Ball State University, U.S.A.)
Ş. Alp Baray (İstanbul University)
Şeref Sağıroğlu (Gazi University)
Şerife Ak (Adnan Menderes University)
Tamer Demiralp (İstanbul University)
Taner Arsan (Kadir Has University)
Tatyana Yakhno (İzmir University)
Tuncer Asunakutlu (Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University)
Uğur Demiray (Anadolu University)
Uğur Özbek (İstanbul University)
Vaidotas Trinkünas (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania)
Valentina Dagiene (Vilnus University)
Viera Bednarova(Catholic University, Slovakia)
Yağız Üresin (Istanbul University)
Zehra Altınay (Near East University)
Zerrin Ayvaz Reis (İstanbul University)
Zeynel Cebeci (Çukurova University)
Zeynep Çiğdem Kayacan (İstanbul University)
Zeynep Solakoğlu (İstanbul University)
Zuhal Tanrıkulu (Boğaziçi University)
Zümrüt Ecevit Satı (İstanbul University)

Special Conference Topics
Health Literacy
Lifelong Medical Education
Medical Representative Training
Patient Training

Conference Topics
Institutional Strategies, Policies, Standarts, Accreditation and Legislation for e-Learning
New Technologies for e-Learning
Content Design for e-Learning
Sociological and Psychological Dimensions of e-Learning
Learning with Online games
Testing and Evaluation of e-Learning Systems
e-Learning Strategies for Moderation and Assesment
Virtual Class Applications
Security Problems and Solutions in e-Learning
E-government and e-Learning
Distance Learning in Higher Education Institutions
Mobile Learning
Social Media and e-Learning
Massive Online Open Courses
Mining Big Data
Cloud Based Systems
Disadvantaged Groups

English and Turkish


5th Future Learning 2014 conference will be held on Congresss and Cultural Center of Istanbul University.

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