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Future-Learning 2014
5th International Future-Learning Conference on Innovations in Learning for the Future 2014: e-Learning
(May 5-7, 2014,  TURKEY)
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Future Learning 2014 Topics

Special Conference Topics

  • Health Literacy
  • Lifelong Medical Education
  • Medical Representative Training
  • Patient Training

Conference Topics

  • Institutional Strategies, Policies, Standarts, Accreditation and Legislation for e-Learning
  • New Technologies for e-Learning
  • Content Design for e-Learning
  • Sociological and Psychological Dimensions of e-Learning
  • Learning with Online games
  • Testing and Evaluation of e-Learning Systems
  • e-Learning Strategies for Moderation and Assesment
  • Virtual Class Applications
  • Security Problems and Solutions in e-Learning
  • E-government and e-Learning
  • Distance Learning in Higher Education Institutions
  • Mobile Learning
  • Social Media and e-Learning
  • Massive Online Open Courses
  • Mining Big Data
  • Cloud Based Systems
  • Gamification
  • Disadvantaged Groups